The importance of dryer vent cleaning simply cannot be understated.  Over time, your dryer can accumulate lint, dust and debris in a variety of areas, which can be come a serious fire hazard.  Your lint filter or screen will catch a large portion of the lint and dust but it will not catch everything.  This means that there will be a fair amount of material moving past the filter and accumulating in your venting system.


According to U.S. Fire Administration, over 34% dryer fires are a direct result of improper cleaning and maintenance.  These devastating fires can easily be prevented with proper prevention measures.  Let’s take a look at some things you can do to improve dryer safety and fire prevention.

  • Clean lint filter or screen with each load
  • Detailed cleaning of screen with small brush quarterly
  • Check for solid airflow from outside vent
  • Check vent connections
  • Clean behind and underneath dryer each month
  • Schedule yearly professional cleaning and inspection




Aside from the fire dangers, poor cleaning and maintenance can also affect the efficiency of your dryer.  With a clogged or dirty system, your dryer loses its efficiency causing longer drying times or damp clothes at the end of a cycle.  This is a wasted of energy increasing your cost with each use.  Dryer vent cleaning is an integral part of routine household maintenance that will improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency.

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