Ductless Air Conditioning

When looking for a solution to your home air conditioning, there are several benefits to considering a ductless air conditioner, especially for historic homes. Whether it’s the middle of the hot summer or the dead of winter, it’s imperative that you maintain a level of comfort in your home. Homes built in the early 1800s do not have the luxuries of central air, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. A ductless air conditioner provides the comfort of regulated air temperature, with little to no disadvantages. Over the years, they have become designed with increased efficiency and sleeker designs, but there are several other factors to consider if you’re thinking about installing a ductless air conditioning unit.


With recent technological advancements, ductless air conditioning units use far less energy due to inverter-driven compressors which speed up and slow down based on the needs of your system. Instead of shutting down entirely like a traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit, the ductless air conditioning unit saves energy by entering a sleep mode. This minute adjustment in technology will save you a lot of money over time and reduces your carbon footprint.

Some individuals are deterred from a ductless air conditioning unit because of the aesthetic aspects, but many claim that they do not remember it’s even there after installation. In addition, these units only require a small hole to be drilled into place, making them much less vulnerable to the threats of air leakage and security issues.Ductless Air Conditioner

These units are also perfect for families that prefer independent temperature zones within your home. While ductless units aren’t necessary inexpensive, it’s much more affordable than installing ducts into your historic home. Instead of undergoing construction and potentially jeopardizing the originality of your historic home, opting for the ductless unit is the intelligent decision.

Placement of your ductless air conditioning unit is important, so when meeting with a professional, consider your sunroom, bonus rooms, garage apartments, or rooms throughout your home that require additional air ventilation.

Once you’ve decided on installing a ductless air conditioning unit, be sure to clean the filters monthly. Ignoring these cleanings will cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run when you need to bring a professional in to service your unit or even worse, replace your unit all together. These air conditioning units will last you several years if properly maintained.

Ductless air conditioning units, like anything, require consideration, but if you live in a historic home, this is the most practical solution to air circulation, as it requires very little installation efforts. As the summer approaches and temperatures rise, consider installing a ductless air conditioning unit in the rooms that you utilize most to increase air quality and comfortability.

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