Need Help Deciding to Replace your Furnace?


This winter was mild, the furnace not overworked, but your home didn’t feel warm and cozy.

You might not be aware that your furnace of HVAC is aging and not working as efficiently as it could. Is it time to replace your furnace?


A good rule to use when deciding to replace your HVAC system is its age.  Is your furnace beyond the 75% mark of its life expectancy?  How do you know?  Check the label on your furnace or ask your HVAC contractor for the manufacturer date.  Generally, furnaces last 15-20 years according to the National Association of Homebuilders.


Here are 5 areas to evaluate when deciding if it’s time to replace your furnace. 1.

  1. Is your Furnace more than 15 years old?  Are your energy bills increasing year over year? Today’s furnaces are 15% more efficient than the conventional furnace.  Look for the Energy Star label to determine the efficiency of the unit.
  2. Is your Furnace in need of yearly repairs?
  3. Are some rooms in your house too hot or too cold?  Are you having humidity issues?
  4. Is your home excessively dusty?
  5. Is your furnace noisy?


Newer furnaces can achieve as high a 98% efficiency, potentially cutting your energy costs as well as overall pollution output almost in half.  In a cooler climate, such as Central Jersey, it makes sense to invest in the a furnace with better fuel consumption.  A professional HVAC contractor can guide you in determining the right size furnace and any modifications needed to your ductwork, insulation or chimney to have the new system operating most efficiently.


Reliability, warranty and price are all factors to weigh as you determine the best course for your home and budget when replacing your furnace or HVAC system.


Repair or Replace?? Research several models with a range of efficiencies and calculate the annual cost of operating the new furnace rather than using only the cost of the installation of the new unit.  A contractor will also be able to guide you by adding the AFUE rating (annual fuel utilization calculations) of the furnace with the size of your home to determine your overall investment.


Patriot Air is here to help you evaluate your HVAC system and offers options to fit your home and budget.  Call 609-298-5109.