The extended cold wintery weather is testing our homes, our cars and our moods!   How can we know if our HVAC system can “weather “ the weather?  The best way to avoid those emergency calls during the cold, winter weather is to prevent them.

Preventive maintenance is the always the answer to keep your system running smoothly.  Patriot Air provides pre-season tune-ups on gas and oil furnaces and boilers, as well as gas, pellet & corn stoves and fireplaces.

Here is a link to our Maintenance Agreement and Tune-Up Checklist

Beyond the maintenance agreement, listed below are DIY helpful tips for all homeowners to consider checking during cold wintery weather.

  • Air Filters-The easiest way to care for your HVAC unit.


  • Thermostat- Check for accuracy or upgrade to a Programmable thermostat.


  • Furnace drain lines-Keep free from ice and snow.


  • Heat Pump ice, greater than a thin layer of frost, trouble. Frozen equipment is best left to your HVAC professional.


  • Humidifiers: Home humidity benefits are numerous, from reducing your heating bills, reducing air borne viruses, improving your sleep and keeping your skin soft, but one caution they must be kept clean and maintained for optimum efficiency. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, humidifiers become a source of bacteria and mold.


  • Test Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms-Exposure to even a small amount of carbon monoxide create flu-like symptoms. Properly vent and maintain all fossil fuel appliances and NEVER use a gas stove to heat your home.



To ensure a healthy, comfortable home that will “weather” the weather, think  HVAC prevention to avoid those costly emergency dials.  For all your HVAC needs, call 609-298-5109 or contact us at