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What Type of Marine HVAC System Do I Need?

The two most common types of marine HVAC systems are – Self-contained systems and Chilled Water systems. The type of system that will best suit you will depend on your specific needs and other factors -including the size of your boat and intended use.

Self-Contained marine HVAC systems are best suited for smaller vessels up to 40 feet. The components of a self-contained system are designed to be more compact and are generally installed in the living space.

With a professionally installed ducting system accompanying a self-contained unit, you can heat and cool multiple cabins of your boat with a single unit.

Chilled Water marine HVAC systems are best suited for larger boats over 40 feet, and yachts. This type of system is designed to heat and cool fresh water and loops the water through air handling units to be heated or cooled as needed.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for your Marine HVAC Installation


By choosing to have your marine heating and cooling system professionally installed and maintained, you can be sure your system will offer flawless performance for the life of your system.

As professional contractor, Patriot Air, will use their knowledge, experience and training to ensure your system is properly sized for your vessel. Improper sizing can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, frequent breakdowns, and premature replacement.  Stay cool and comfortable on the water with MarinAire®.  Call Patriot Air at 609-298-5109, to schedule your repair or replacement of your Marine AC System.

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