In the North East, we have a range of weather and temperatures to deal with, so knowing you have the best, most reliable furnace is invaluable. 

In a recent Consumer Report, 12 natural gas furnace brands were reviewed by a new standard of furnace break down or of function stoppage that sufficiently heat the average home. This new methodology of measurement changes the way HVAC will be evaluated and cannot be compared with previous reports.   The findings were revealing and shared in this recent Brand Reliability Guide.  

When it comes to reliable brands, Patriot Air is very pleased to install RUUD the leading brand for customer satisfaction of reliability. RUUD gas furnaces offer efficiency, clean air emissions, and a special ignition system for a “worry-free” durable, operating element. 

Reliability is just one measurement when deciding on a HVAC system.  It’s wise to look and get pricing for 3 different but comparable brands when evaluating the best HVAC unit for your home or office.  Review your needs, the efficiency, total budget and life of the unit. This will guide your decision and help you pick the unit or system that is “just right” for you.

Natural gas heating is an energy efficient, affordable and reliable consistent way to heat your home.  As a natural fossil fuel, gas is the cleanest option and has a lower emission of greenhouse gases and carbon per household than other fossil fuels, producing fewer negative effects on the environment.   Due to underground pipelines, 90% of the fuel is delivered to your home and is not impacted by severe weather.  Using natural gas heating system is a healthier option because it produces minimal sulfur dioxide emissions, air-borne particles, and dissolved particles which can impact family members and pets. Its warmer air delivery keeps your family cozy on the chilliest winter day.

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