Resurfaced Chimney CrownOften neglected, inspections of your chimney, fireplace, and HVAC system are crucial for the safety of your Bordentown, NJ home. Patriot Air offers complete inspections and certifications of these systems.

Typical chimneys are built with clay liners that often deteriorate over time from weather, fires, or foundation settling. In turn, the lifespan of these chimneys deteriorates as the destruction leaves your chimney unsafe. Gases and flue can penetrate the brick and mortar within the chimney. In fact, carbon monoxide can seep into your home or emit sparks that can cause severe damage to your home. Getting professional inspections of your chimney seems cumbersome, but is actually very important to protect your home. There are three levels of inspections ranging from the minimum to the maximum requirements.


Level 1

            A Level 1 inspection is performed when you wish to continue using an appliance or ventilation system that is old and has not been updated. In this type of inspection, your service technician will examine the exterior, interior, and other accessible areas of the appliance. They will ensure that the system is running properly and there are no obstructions. If the system is deemed unsafe, they will provide you with the next steps to improve the functionality.


Level 2

            A Level 2 inspection should occur when any changes are made to your system, such as a change in fuel type, or when the system is being bought or sold. This inspection requires special tools to access concealed areas of the system. Additionally, this inspection includes a video scanning of the internal surfaces and joints.


Level 3

            A Level 3 inspection includes all aspects of Level 1 and 2 inspections, in addition to the removal of certain components of the system. Removal of parts only occurs if there are suspected hazards detected during the inspection.


Inspections are extremely important to prevent fires that can impose major damage to your home. Aside from inspections, it is important to maintain your systems in simpler ways. An effortless sweep of your fireplace can improve its performance and decrease concerns of carbon monoxide. Patriot Air offers our thorough services whether you need a certification for a real estate transaction or you just want to ensure your systems are running to the best of their abilities. It is important to trust the company inspecting these vital systems; at Patriot Air we take pride in our knowledge of the chimney, fireplace, and HVAC systems.

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