Radiant Heat Fireplaces


If you find yourself dreading another winter in New Jersey straining to heat your home, perhaps its time to consider adding the warmth of a fireplace to your living space! Adding a radiant heat fireplace to your home offers a ton of benefits including increased comfort, reduced energy usage, and improved indoor air quality.

What is Radiant Heating?

Patriot Air is proud to offer Valor radiant heating products to our valued customers. Often touted as the most comfortable, and natural form of heating available, radiant technology is a great choice for heating your home.

Based on the same heating principles as the sun, radiant heat moves in straight lines. This results in the warming of all the objects in its path, making those objects work as mini heat convectors and helping to distribute and multiply the heat.

Advantages of Radiant Heat Fireplace Installation


Your radiant heat fireplace offers a variety of benefits for you and your home. Perhaps the most appealing feature is that radiant heating surface isn’t prone to losing heat during use. This means that the heat is more evenly distributed through your space, helping you to maintain a more natural, comfortable feeling in your home.

Another great advantage of radiant heat fireplaces is the improved indoor air quality in your home. Since there is no forced air, the presence of dust particles and other pollutants aren’t distributed throughout your home—further helping to alleviate aggravation of health issues like asthma, allergies, and arthritis.

Finally, no electric, no fan means Valor Fireplaces work during a power outage!

Other gas fireplaces, even though they may light up without electric, need the fan to push the hot air out of the firebox and into the room. Without that, the units will not heat effectively and usually will overheat and shut down.

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Radiant Heat Fireplace Installation in Bordentown, New Jersey

If you are ready to add the warmth of a fireplace to your New Jersey home, it’s important to choose a highly trained professional with in-depth knowledge of industry standards and coding requirements. For over 25 years Patriot Air has been the trusted name for fireplace installation and more.

Kick the cold to the curb this winter with a new radiant heat fireplace installation for your home. Simply complete our online form, or give us a call at

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