chimney inspectionsThere are several reasons to get your chimney, and fireplace inspected. Patriot Air offers full chimney, fireplace and HVAC inspection and certification services. Whether you require certification for a real estate transaction or want to ensure that your systems are running to the best of its’ abilities, putting your trust in a company that understands your chimney, fireplace, and HVAC systems is incredibly vital. Have peace of mind that our service can provide the knowledge and reassurance for all of your home services.


Most masonry chimneys are created with clay liners that tend to deteriorate over time from weather, fires, or foundation settling. Over time, the deterioration leaves your system unsafe, allowing flue gases to penetrate the brick and mortar, which eventually reduces the lifespan of your system. Even worse, your system can seep carbon monoxide into your home or allow sparks to escape through the chimney wall, accessing very flammable parts of your home structure. Keeping up with your system inspections is important for the safety of your family and home, as well as maintaining the longevity of your system.


There are three levels of chimney inspections ranging from the minimum to the maximum requirements. A Level 1 inspection occurs if your appliance or venting system has not changed and you desire to use the system as you have in the past. In this situation, your service technician should examine the exterior, interior, and any other accessible areas. The technician will ensure that the system is operating soundly and verify that the system is free of obstruction. If the system is not operating safely, your technician will provide the necessary next steps to reach a normal level of function again. A Level 2 inspection occurs when any changes are made to your fireplace system that can include a change in fuel type, shape, material, or any replacement. In addition, an inspection will occur upon the sale or transfer of a property. This inspection dives deeper than a Level 1 inspection and cannot be performed without special tools to access concealed areas of the system. A Level 2 inspection will also include inspection by video scanning to examine the internal surfaces and joints. Lastly, a Level 3 inspection includes all areas of a Level 1 and 2 inspections, including the removal of certain components of the system. Removal of parts will only occur if there are hazards suspected during the inspection. Understanding what level of inspection your system requires will ensure peace of mind.

Apart from inspections, keeping up with your systems’ maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan and prevent future services that can become costly. Simply sweeping your fireplace can improve its performance and decrease concerns of carbon monoxide. Everyone enjoys an evening in front of the fire, whether you’re roasting marshmallows or cozying up with a good book, but there are hidden concerns. The byproduct of the flame you enjoy is creosote buildup and soot, which restricts airflow and could damage your system. An annual chimney inspection will look for any buildup or blockage in your system, followed by sweeping to remove any problems discovered throughout the process. Most importantly, inspections can prevent fire hazards, which keeps your home and family safe from disasters.

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An inspection to certify that your chimney, fireplace and HVAC systems are in properly working not only ensures peace of mind but also is important if you are selling your NJ home. Working with a comprehensive certification service that understands your chimney, fireplace, and HVAC systems is the first step to living safely.  Patriot Air can help you with your Level One inspections and certification needs.

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